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leadership-potential-evaluation (lpe)

Leaderhip today:
Detect your drivers of success!

Your benefits

Personal report with concrete tips for more success
Focus and higher precision of learning, coaching, promotion, winning and selection of people
Benchmark for Leadership-Potential: Strenghts and development areas
Benchmark for Leadership-Potential: Strenghts and development areas
Leadership-tools directly deduced from the LPE results

The process of getting your result

Online-questionnaire LPE takes 40 Minutes. Evaluation of the assessments according to the benchmark Formulating the Expert Evaluation – individual interpretation of the profile Feedback and Coaching – working out a development plan Profiles of teams can be combined and aggregated to a Leadership-Appraisal.




„The LPE Potential-Analysis is an essential element of our global leadership development programs. Insights are highly appreciated by managers and high performing people.“

Vice president, global operations

„The application of LPE at my coaching was a real eye opener to me. The change and development points were immediately visible. My success after the coaching was stunning.“

Managing director, it company

„the Leadership Appraisal with our leadership team clarified the strengths and development areas. The necessary Change-activities were immediately started and implemented in a very efficent way.“

VP – Insurance company